The e-commerce world grew by over 21.1% in 2012. This year sale figures are expected to bring in a massive $1.29 trillion dollars that’s $1,290,000,000,000 sales worldwide.

The need for business’s to provide e-commerce facilities to their customers along side their physical shop is ever growing. This means the options you have for development companies to carry out your project is vast. We stand out from the rest because of our focus on your business needs and our decision to use the leading software to deliver exceeding results. Our main focus’s is to help you sell more efficiently using either of the top rated e-commerce platform’s Magento or Lemon stand. Each platform has advantages of their own which will be carefully decided for your project during consultation. We can create you a unique looking and a competitive edge over your business sector.

Here is a list of general functionality that our customers expect

  • Coupon codes
  • Custom discount’s
  • Customer search history
  • Reporting
  • Most viewed products
  • Multiple tax groups
  • Newsletter signup
  • Sales and visitor anayltics
  • Attribute management
  • CSV Importing of producst & customers

Interested? please contact us and we can discuss your questions you may have. we look forward working with you.