There was a day when we started designing websites with only a few screen resolutions, so we would make sure the website would look decent on the majority of users screens. But over the last few years there has been an ever increasing amount of people using mobile phones, tablets and even television’s to view web pages. Responsive design is a styling process that allows the website fit within most if not all devices.

When we say a design is responsive, we mean the look of the website adapts to the device that is viewing it. For a visual example we have used our website to demonstrate this on a mobile phone.

Here you see that the menu has condensed to a icon so the menu doesn’t take up too much space, also text sizes have changed to be proportional to the screen size. It’s important to get the element’s correct because if not sometimes it can hinder functionality. Grids have fewer columns so it can fit correctly on this device.

We understand the importance of serving the correct look of your website to suit the users device’s so they can use your website without any problems.