Steps We Take During Module Development

  1. Planning – This may include database design along with any important factor’s that may contribute to the development or the future of the module.
  2. Development Stage – During development of the module we track changes via a version control system called GIT.
  3. Testing – Beta testing our module to make sure there are no kinks in our module
  4. Release – Release to our customers

E-commerce Modules for Magento and Lemon Stand

We Design & Develop Modules and Plugins for a 2 well known e-commerce platform’s including Magento and Lemon Stand.

With any module we sell we have scope in mind. We first carefully plan the module, then code it to a high standard. Then we test the module using a number of people to use it and see if they discover any issues. During the development we track the progress of changes or new releases through a version control system called GIT, so we can track new features and provide better prompt support for our customers.

After purchasing your module we then offer support to all customers. Any issues will be looked at and if you have any great idea’s for the module, we can release them on future versions of the module. We do value your feedback, so please let us know what you think!

WordPress has a great market our there for wordpress plugins, simple reason being it’s used by over 66 million people world wide. It’s a great blogging platform. We enjoy developing for wordpress

Custom plugin functionality

If you require any plugin or functionality for your wordpress site then please contact us we will be happy to help

We have build a variety of modules that are available through out shop.